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Headquarters for Promotion of Interdisciplinary Domain Research in Shizuoka University (SU)

SU is targeting 3 fields of research as mentioned;

  • Optical application and Imaging Science
  • Environmental and Energy Sciences
  • GreenBio Science

The Tohoku Earthquake in March, 2011 in east of Japan caused lot of devastations. Concerns have emerged in many areas such as preventive measures for natural disasters and their management, environmental impacts, concerns about safe energy production for society and the country, health and food risk managements, and medical care and welfare management. To take care of these new concerns, we have to develop new research domains through more efficiently using SU expertise in various fields.
Considering such circumstances, Headquarters for Promotion of Interdisciplinary Domain Research in SU was established in academic year 2011. In the 2nd midterm plan, setting the 4 fields of priority research (Asian studies, Ultimate image analysis, Nanobio Science, Green Science and Technology), we have been promoting that activity with about 200 members.
In the 3rd midterm plan, as mentioned in 3 areas of focus, we are further promoting the following: The creation of marked results through cooperation among the 3 fields of priority research and the development of new research domains through cooperation and integration that go beyond the priority research, as well as the development of internationally competent researchers.

Current events

December,2017 11th symposium by Headquarters for promotion of Interdisciplinary Domain Research in Shizuoka University
March,2018 The 4th international Symposium toward the Future of Advanced Researches in Shizuoka University 2018
Department of planning for future research fields in Shizuoka University (SU)