Environmental and Energy Sciences


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  Many of the global environment issues are deeply tied to energy issues. Both the global environment and energy need to be healthy for the continued existence of humanity. Humanity cannot exist without a healthy global environment and humanity's continued growth is not possible without the supply of a stable and healthy energy both in quantity and quality.

  From this, the Green Science and Technology field is conducting interdisciplinary field research and development with science and technology concerning the environment (global climate observation, global environment preservation, regional environment preservation, etc.) and that concerning energy (new energy development, high efficiency utilization technology for energy, various high efficiency industrial processes, greening, etc.) as pillars.


 Furthermore, the university founded the Research Institute of Green Science and Technology in academic year 2013 with the objective of promoting green innovation that will ensure a system from the basics to the application to create scientific techniques for new environments, energy, and bio science fields in order to realize the regeneration and utilization of the earth resources and energy, as well as the creation of a circulating and low carbon society by way of natural symbiosis. This research institute will play a central role in advancing forward to becoming a world hub.

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