GreenBio Science

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 With the decrease in population and the decreasing birth rate and an aging population, a change in social structure is expected. Thus, in order to further develop society and achieve a stable future, there is an urgent need to formulate new scientific techniques.

 rying to make it through the new era, The 4th Science and Technology Basic Plan of Japan cites “a great nation of health with life innovation” and “a great nation of environment and energy with green innovation.” Based on our results in the 1st (2004 - 2009) midterm plan, our university came up with the “Nanobio Science” that integrates light, nanotechnology, and electrons with life principles and functions and made this our priority research for the 2nd (2010 - 2015) midterm plan.

 The sugar chains, natural functional molecules, super molecular capsules and functional virions, and nano materials of “Nanobio Science” are our university’s original technology.  In order to integrate these with light and nanotechnology, we are aiming to create innovation, based on a strong cooperation between life science researchers at Shizuoka Campus’ and light, electron, and nanotechnology researchers at Hamamatsu Campus.


 Furthermore, the university founded the Research Institute of Green Science and Technology in academic year 2013 with the objective of promoting green innovation that will ensure a system from the basics to the application to create scientific techniques for new environments, energy, and bio science fields in order to realize the regeneration and utilization of the earth resources and energy, as well as the creation of a circulating and low carbon society by way of natural symbiosis. This research institute will play a central role in advancing forward to becoming a world hub.

Department of planning for future research fields in Shizuoka University (SU)