Optical application and Imaging Science

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 The research on “imaging science that goes beyond the time-space barrier” that Shizuoka University calls for is something that is conducive to the development of science and technology in a variety of fields. Going beyond the human eyes, development in science and technology is achieved by obtaining extreme imaging in various fields and going through the processes of modeling and testing. More specifically, “Extreme Imaging Science” that this domain is aiming for, is to contribute to the development of science and technology by providing extreme observational means within an axis based on time, space and wavelength. A scholarly research objective of putting a foothold toward development into uncharted territory in the field of imaging science which can also be called quantum imaging technology is also cited. Furthermore, through simultaneous academic-industrial alliance, intermediate results will be put back into society as practical technology.
 The following 4 priority objectives will be the specific research objectives.


  The visualization of the ultra-short time changing process of substances is the key to nanotechnology material creation in the field of Nanotechnology and Material Sciences. Yet, extreme imaging science research realizes ultrafast imaging of less than 1 second resolution time that makes the visualization of the ultra-short time changing process of substances possible.
 Intracellular visualization is the key to the elucidation of life phenomena in medical care and the field of life sciences. Realize an ultra-high resolution imaging of less than a 10 nm space resolution that makes this visualization possible.
 Fluoroscopic imaging that can differentiate atoms and molecules is the key to innovation in the Security and Environment field. Realize terahertz X-ray transmission image s that makes this visualization possible.
 Make these extreme imaging e effective and easy to handle by making them user friendly.

In order to realize such objectives of the priority research, the university will, along with gaining the cooperation of the entire university’s teaching staff, actively promote joint research with the image domain researcher and engineer community as well as the researcher and engineer communities for other field domains.

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