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Partnership with Society

Regional partnership

Drawing on education and research developed over many years, Shizuoka University partners with the regional community to help meet its needs. The university strives for mutual development with the region through joint study and discussion with local residents concerning the challenges facing the region.

Lifelong Learning

Shizuoka University promotes open education and lifelong learning for residents of the region, principally through the Center for Education and Research in Lifelong Learning. Please feel free to contact us with questions concerning lifelong learning and open education, or information about dispatch of instructors and educational planning.

Partnership with Industry and Government

Shizuoka University actively promotes partnership activities with industry and government in conjunction with companies, local governments, and support organizations in the region.
We also strive to conduct research activities that reflect the university's distinctive characteristics and strengths and that are useful to society.

Facilities open for use by the public

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