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NewsPreliminary meeting held for the establishment of Inter-Academia Asia


On February 17th, 2014, within the city of Shizuoka, the preliminary meeting for the establishment of Inter-Academia Asia was held. Inter-Academia Asia is a new educationally practical program with a cooperative stance based on promoting research exchange with partner universities, and intends to develop globally talented personnel who will be active internationally with a focus on Asia.
On that day, there were 15 representatives from 12 partner universities present at the meeting, from as many as 6 countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. The event was met with approval for the program’s establishment, and from this year, the formation of a new community with Asia shall be realized.
Further, present at the meeting were Shizuoka University’s Director of the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Dr. (Masaaki) Nagatsu, and the Director of the Research Institute of Green Science and Technology, Dr (Enoch Y.) Park. Opinions were exchanged on the DDP (Double Degree Program), and at the banquet, the Shizuoka University Vice President/Trustee (Educational and Affiliated Schools Affairs), Dr. (Kiyoshi) Ishii gave salutations, expressing his wish for strengthening ties. A vigorous exchange of information then ensued (amongst the participants).
Continuing the next day, exchange was conducted between the researchers at both the Shizuoka and Hamamatsu campuses.

※Shizuoka University has already formed an “Inter-Academia” community with the 11 partner universities of Central and Eastern Europe, and in addition to holding its annual international meetings, valuable success has been gained in both research and educational exchange.


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