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NewsUniversity of Kansas (USA) students visit Shizuoka University.~Kakehashi Project~


Group photo with Shizuoka University President, Dr. Yukihiro Ito.

Scene of Lecturer Steven Urick’s class, in action.

On June 27th (Friday), twenty-seven students visiting from the University of Kansas, United States, took part in special lecture programs and exchange activities with Shizuoka University students, as part of the North American region youth exchange project.
This project, funded by the Japanese government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and promoted by the Japan Foundation for the purpose of North American region youth exchange (KAKEHASHI Project-The Bridge for Tomorrow-), involves more than 200 American university students, who, divided into 9 groups, travel to various parts of Japan with the intention of gaining a deeper understanding of the appeal of Japan and its values. Additionally, there is the aim to afford deeper and meaningful exchange with Japanese students.
On the same day, after the welcoming salutations from our university president, Dr. Yukihiro Ito, there was an introduction to Shizuoka University, presented by Professor Itsuo Harasawa of the International Center, and a special lecture given by a specially appointed professor to the Organization for the Promotion of Global Education Programs, Dr. Darius C. Greenidge, themed, “The Appeal of Shizuoka Prefecture”. The students also participated in a class on “English Communication”, taught by lecturer Steven Urick, of the University Education Center. In such manner, they spent the day indulging in various programs including cultivating relations with Japanese students from our university.
During the group’s 10 day stay in Japan, 5 days were spent within Shizuoka Prefecture. In addition to the visit to our university, they visited historical locations such the Kumano Toshougu (Shrine memorial to the warlord, Tokugawa Ieyasu), and local industries.
Also as part of this project, in March of next year, students from our university are scheduled to visit universities in North America.


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