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NewsThailand General Education Network (TGEN) visits Shizuoka University


Question and answer session

The visitors with our university president, Dr. Ito, and other related members of the university.

On June 25th (Wed), the Kingdom of Thailand General Education Network (TGEN) group of observers visited Shizuoka University. TGEN operates as an affiliated agent to the Office of Higher Education Commission, at the Ministry of Education, which plays a highly important role in the definition and recommendation of the philosophy and policy of Liberal Arts Education in Thailand.
On this occasion, the TGEN group, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bundit Thipakorn, President of the TGEN and Vice President for Education Development (KMUTT) , was made up of Vice Presidents for Education, Deans and Directors of General Education from 13 universities, 28 persons in all. Among the group were exchange partners, Kasetsart University and King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi (KMUTT).
While the group visited Kyoto University, Osaka University, the University of Tokyo and International Christian University during their one week stay in Japan, Shizuoka University was the only regional university that they wished to visit. Their main purpose for visiting Shizuoka University was to use as reference our Liberal Arts Education policy and curriculum guidelines for their own Liberal Arts Education program concepts which are now in the process of development.
On the day of the visit, Prof. Noriko Matsuda, International Center, acted as coordinator, President Yukihiro Ito gave the welcoming salutations, Dr. Kiyoshi Ishii, Trustee and Vice-President of Education, gave a brief overview of Liberal Arts Education, and Dr. Keiko Sakai, Education Development Center’s Career Design Education/Faculty Development section, explained induction courses for newly appointed personnel, the situation of practical faculty development and the like. Following the above, a vigorous question and answer session ensued.
Furthermore, handling the question and answer session were Prof. Shigehiko Suzuki, Vice-President of International Strategic Affairs, Prof. Mitsumasa Zushi, Chair of the Common University Subject Committee (Graduate School of Informatics), Prof. Tetsuro Tanzawa, Advisor for Vice-President of Education (Faculty of Education), and Dr. Darius C. Greenidge, specially appointed professor for the Organization of Global Educational Programs.
Also, as a finale, there was the introduction of Shizuoka University’s newest educational program, the “Asia-Bridge-Program”, by Prof. Suzuki, who expressed our sincere desire to further exchange between our universities and strengthen cooperation.


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