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NewsA group of Thailand high school visited Shizuoka University


The Thai Group and Shizuoka University Faculty and Staff
(at Shizuoka Campus)

Signing the Letter of Cooperation Agreement with Sa-nguan Ying (from the left, Trustee Ishii, Director Prachob from Sa-nguan Ying, President Ito, and Vice President Suzuki)

A group of approx. 30 directors and principles of high schools, including Director Prachob from *Sa-nguan Ying School , visited from Thailand on January 26th and 27th.

On January 26th at the Shizuoka Campus, the group was first welcomed by President Yukihiro Ito, which was followed by lectures made by Kiyoshi Ishii (Trustee of the university and Chair of the Organization for the Promotion of Global Education Programs) and Shigeru Suzuki (Vice President of the university and Vice Chair of the Organization for the Promotion of Global Education Programs) providing general information about the university and objectives of the projects in Thailand. After the lectures, Shinsuke Hinata (Assistant Professor of the Organization for the Promotion of Global Education Programs) spoke in Thai about Shizuoka University’s brand-new program “*Asia Bridge Program (ABP) ,” which provoked a number of enthusiastic comments and questions from the principles during the following lunch meeting. Kiwahito Konno (Chair of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences) also joined this lunch meeting and introduced the department to these visitors.

Sa-nguan Ying School, the coordinator of the group this time, and the Organization for the Promotion of Global Education Programs agreed to work together to promote study abroad programs in Shizuoka through the ABP and signed a letter of cooperation agreement under the name of Vice President Suzuki.

Profs. Sako and Sakai introducing the Depts. of Engineering and Informatics (at Hamamatsu Campus)

Visiting Fuzoku Hamamatsu Junior High. Mr. Kameie gave a presentation about the school.

On January 27th at the Hamamatsu Campus, Takeshi Sako (Chair of the Department of Engineering) and Sanshiro Sakai (Chair of the Department of Informatics) made presentations to the group about their respective departments.
Additionally, Hitoshi Yoshimura and Atsushi Sugita (Professor and Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Engineering) gave talks about their own academic research.

The group from Thailand spent two days out of the 5-day-long trip in Japan at Shizuoka University’s campuses. During the two days, the weather was mild for this time of year, and it was a great time to show this many high school principles around our campuses, libraries, and other education/research facilities.

Finally, Dr. Somchai (presently Visiting Professor at Shizuoka University), the former Vice President of Thammasat University, one of our partner universities, assured campus leaders that we will work to further reinforce the friendship between the two universities.

*Sa-nguan Ying School is an educational institution in Mid North Thailand integrating junior and senior high schools. Sa-nguan Ying serves as a local center for Japanese language education.
*Asia Bridge Program (ABP): http://www.abp.icsu.shizuoka.ac.jp/


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