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News15th Inter-Academia conference (2016) at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


From 26th to 28th September 2016, Inter Academia(IA) 2016 Conference was held in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Warsaw University of Technology(WUT). 140 people from 13 countries attended the event. From Shizuoka University, 44 faculty members and students, including Prof. Masakazu Kimura (Trustee), Prof. Kazuhiko Hara (Dean of the Graduate School of Science and Technology) and Prof. Masaaki Nagatsu (Co-chair of Inter-Academia 2016) joined in the conference.

Conference Venue(Faculty of Mechatronics)

Young Researchers Award winner, Dr. Krzysztof Tyszka and his Doctoral Double Degree supervisors from two Universities

The opening ceremony started off by the speech of Mr. Shigeo Matsutomi, the Japanese ambassador to Poland, and followed by the welcome address by Prof. Krzysztof Lewenstein, the Vice-President of WUT and Prof. Natalia Golnik, the Dean of the faculty of Mechatronics. Prof. Kimura, as the representative of Shizuoka University, made a congratulatory address. The second half of the morning session was three keynote lectures by Dr. Włodzimierz Lewandowski, President of the Central Office of Measures, Prof. Takayuki Saito and Emeritus Prof. Michiharu Tabe of Shizuoka University.
The conference was for three days and had over 40 oral presentations and around 40 short oral presentations with posters. During the conference, Shizuoka University delegates had meetings with the Vice President of the WUT, Prof. Lewenstein and with Director of the Institute of Metrology and Biomedical Engineering, Prof. Adam Woźniakthe, to discuss about the further development of the research and educational collaboration between the two Universities.
At the closing ceremony, 5 Young Researchers Awards winners were celebrated and Prof. Nagatsu of Shizuoka University, on behalf of all the participants, expressed the appreciation to the conference chair, Prof. Ryszard Jabłoński, and to the team of conference organizer. The host of the next conference, Alexandra Ioan Cuza University, Romania delivered an introductory presentation to welcome all the IA members to the Inter-Academia 2017.

Shizuoka University is grateful for the help and support of Suzuki Foundation, who has been continuously funding the Inter Academia since its inception.

Main Hall of Warsaw University of Technology/At Chopin’s Birth Place/With Vice-President, Prof. Lewenstein and Prof. Jabłoński/With Director of the Institute of Metrology and Biomedical, Assoc. Prof. Woźniak


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