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01/16/17(mon) News The 3rd Inter-Academia Asia conference at SRM University, India
01/11/17(wed) News The Faculty of Education's Motoki Fujii Research Lab Awarded Bousai Koshien Grand Prize for Second Consecutive Year
12/20/16(tue) News Successful Launch of Shizuoka University's Ultra-Small Satellite STARS-C (Nicknamed "Hagoromo") on December 19
12/15/16(thu) News Specifying Enzymes to Introduce Autophagy Switches (Faculty of Science, Professor Takashi Ushimaru Research Group)
12/02/16(fri) News Director Desai of IIT Hyderabad met with Shizuoka University President and the President & CEO of the Suzuki Motor Co.
11/07/16(mon) News Identification of Gene Responsible for Male Mouse Infertility Using Genome Editing Technology –Elucidating the Cause of Male Infertility and Anticipating Breeding Control in Animals–
11/01/16(tue) News Associate Professor Hiroshi Mineno's Research Result Published in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications's SCOPE Results Casebook
10/19/16(wed) News 15th Inter-Academia conference (2016) at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
08/31/16(wed) Announcements Tenure track Position at the Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology, Shizuoka University, Japan
04/01/16(fri) News The 3rd Phase Shizuoka University Research Fellows and Young Researchers
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