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Job Opening for Tenure Track Position on Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University,Japan


Faculty of Engineering in Shizuoka University invites applications for the assistant professor position with the financial aid for five years.

The objective is to establish the Tenure Track system in Shizuoka University which provides a chance for promising young researchers to concentrate on research, promote their talents, and nurture their skills in research, leadership, management, and education.

This tenure track position holders are required primary to undertake the research in their respective fields. However, as tenure track position holders will eventually undertake teaching responsibilities in the future, the program will also include the duties to guide the theses of the students. Successful assistant professor will be promoted to the tenure position in the stage earlier than five years.

Shizuoka University is committed to equal employment opportunities for men and women. Also, any nationalities are eligible for the positions.

Job Description
Field Keywords No. of Positions Contacts
Mechanical engineering Precision Machine System* 1 Assistant Professor Professor Takaaki OIWA
Phone: +81-53-478-1034
* This includes research fields aiming at realization of precision machines, such as precision mechanisms, precision measurement, precision mechatronics and parallel kinematic mechanisms.
Date for Job to Start This job begins from April 1, 2012, and the opening will be filled as earliest as possible.
Job Description
  1. Duration
    Five years from the opening
  2. Assessment of Tenure Track Positions
    Evaluations will be execute with regard to the research activity, ability of leader ship management, acquirement of competitive funds, teaching/tutorial ability for the Bachelor/Master course students according to examination of the documents such as the research plans, mid-term and final research accomplishments submitted at the beginning of employment together with interviews. It will be scheduled as follows:
    1. Yearly evaluation will take place at the end of first, second, and fourth years.
    2. Interim assessment will take place in the third year.
    3. Final assessment will take place in the fifth year.
    * Successful assistant professor will be promoted to tenured lecturer until the retirement age (currently 65 years old).
  3. Remuneration
    1. Assistant professors will be awarded an annual salary of approximately 6.1 million yen. The remuneration package includes bonuses and lump-sum retirement payments.
    2. Commutation expenses will be provided in accordance with the Shizuoka University guideline.
    3. Expenses for taking up the new position to either Shizuoka or Hamamatsu campus will be provided in accordance with the Shizuoka University guideline.
  4. Research Support
    1. A start-up fund of 5 million yen per researcher and an independent research space will
      be awarded in the first year. In the second year, research fund of 2 million yen per
      annum will be awarded. In the third, fourth, and fifth years, research fund of 1 million

      yen will be awarded.
    2. Researcher will work under mentor/research advisor.
  5. Contents of Work
    The person appointed will be expected to:
    1. carry out research activities based on the research plan submitted after employment;
    2. advise on research activities of graduate or undergraduate students; and
    3. teach undergraduate students in practical exercises such as "Laboratory Work" and "Design and Drawing".
  6. Campus for Work
    Researcher hired shall be assigned to work on the Hamamatsu Campus.
Candidate's Required Profiles
  1. Applicants must hold a doctoral degree before starting this job, and have been conducting outstanding research in their chosen fields.
  2. Doctoral degrees must have been obtained within the last 10 years as of April 1, 2012.
  3. Applicants whose native language is not Japanese must show their plan to a level of proficiency in Japanese that should be enough for teaching before starting this job.
Documents for Submission The documents from (1) to (4) written either in Japanese or English, are acceptable.
  1. Application form(Curriculum Vitae, Past Achievements, Photograph)・・・FORM1(Word,PDF)
  2. Summary of Past Research(two A4-size pages )・・・・・・FORM2(Word,PDF)
  3. 5-Year Research Plan (two A4-size pages )・・・・・・FORM3(Word,PDF)
  4. Teaching ambition (one A4-size page)・・・・・・・・FORM4(Word,PDF)
  5. A Letter of Recommendation from one researcher who can evaluate your research capability. (English or Japanese)
  6. Up to 5 major publications such as journal articles and books (offprint or copy)
  7. Please send above four FORMs completing necessary information (one-side printing), a letter of recommendation, and publications by registered post-mail to the mail address shown below. At that time, please write "Application forms for tenure track assistant professor" in red on the outside of the envelope. Submissions by e-mail are not acceptable. Also, any of the documents submitted will not be returned to the applicants.
Deadline All applications must reach at the office by 5 p.m. on October 31 November 30, 2011, local time.
Selection Procedure
  1. Document Review – Middle November December 2011
  2. Interviews – December 2011 January 2012. Only those who have passed the document review will be notified for an interview. Travel expenses will not be disbursed.
Mail address for the application
and General queries
Young Researchers Support Office, Shizuoka University
3-5-1 Johoku, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu 432-8561, Japan