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Hamamatsu Campus

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Shizuoka University's Hamamatsu Campus is situated amid the urban environment of Hamamatsu City, a major center of manufacturing technology. The campus boasts a complete range of facilities for the discovery, development and propagation of the technologies of tomorrow.


Faculty of Informatics

The faculty hosts three departments: Computer Science, with a scientific and technological orientation, Behavior Informatics, with design and development of innovative information service, and Socio-Information Studies, with a humanities emphasis. This makes Shizuoka University the first Japanese national university to adopt an integrated interdisciplinary approach to the study of information technology.

Faculty of Engineering

Many graduates of Shizuoka University's Faculty of Engineering go on to participate in innovative research and development and play an important role in industry. The faculty hosts five distinctive departments.

Research Institute

Electronics Research Institute

The Institute was established as an affiliated part of Shizuoka University in 1965 in honor of the ground-breaking contributions to the development of television technology made by Prof. Kenjiro Takayanagi in Hamamatsu. The Institute carries out research relating to the scientific principles embodied in electrical engineering and the application of those principles.

Research Institute of Green Science and Technology
(Hamamatsu campus)

RIGST is an institute recently established in order to promote green innovation for waste management, generation and utilization of renewable energy and creation of new biotechnology through fundamental and applied research.

Campus images

Building 1

Building 2

University Library, Hamamatsu Branch

Innovation and Joint Research Center

Incubation Facility

South Hall

North Hall

Research Building

Sanaru Hall

Takayanagi Memorial Hall


Athletic Field


Transportation Guide


3-5-1 Johoku, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City


From Bus Terminal at JR Hamamatsu Station's North Exit, take any bus at Bus Stop No15 or 16 and get off at Shizuoka Daigaku Bus Stop.
(approx. 20 min., approx. 10 departures/hour)

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