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Career support information

At Career Support Office and Hamamatsu Student Support Section, resources such as job posting information particularly for Shizuoka University students can be freely viewed.

Career advising by counselor, preparation for interview and resume review services are also available.

  • The following additional information is available.
  • ・ Jobs posting information
  • ・ Internship information
  • ・ Guidance program
  • ・ Counseling schedule, appointment
  • ・ Introduction of career counselors
  • ・ Employment information
  • ・ Resources


An internship is a work experience in a company or public office related to students' field of study or future career. This is a valuable opportunity for students to be able to work practically in a company and in the society. Shizuoka University recommends students to participate in internships for thinking about "working" and determining their future goals.

  • The following additional information is available.
  • ・ Internship information for students
  • ・ Registration of hosting company and organization

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