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Faculty of Agriculture

About the Faculty of Agriculture

「相分離ブレンドを利用した新規木材用接着剤の開発」山田雅章 教授 農学部環境森林科学科長 - 静岡大学

Comprehensive education in food production and the environment

In academic year 2016, the Shizuoka University Faculty of Agriculture reformed into two departments: the Department of Bioresource Sciences and the Department of Applied Life Sciences. In both departments, students begin by taking basic courses in agricultural science to get an overview of the agricultural science discipline and to get some practice in its various fields.
The Department of Bioresource Sciences trains students to encourage the development of agriculture- and forestry-related industries in mountainous areas and flatlands, as well as to overcome pertinent environmental issues and problems in rural districts. From the second year, students choose from among four courses of study: Plant Bioscience, in which students study how to improve food production technology; Wood Science and Technology, in which students study effective utilization of forest resources; Applied Ecology and Environmental Science, in which students study environmental conservation of agricultural land and forests; and Agro-food Community Design, which aims to create leaders for the next generation who can bring together the agriculture and forestry industries (i.e., producers) and society (i.e., consumers).
The Department of Applied Life Sciences trains students who will be active in the biotechnology and life sciences industries, using a curriculum that takes a gradualism-based approach to the various fields within Applied Life Sciences, of which chemistry and biology are the foundations.

Department of Bioresource Sciences

Training students who will support the future of their local communities and of the local agriculture and forestry industries.

Department of Applied Life Sciences

Elucidating biological phenomena, and developing and producing useful substances with the power of biotechnology.

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