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Faculty of Education

About the Faculty of Education

「高分子化学と光物性」板垣秀幸 教授 教育学部理科教育 教育学研究科学校教育専攻長 - 静岡大学

Striving to develop a multifaceted range of teaching talent

Among national universities, Shizuoka University's Faculty of Education maintains a large-scale teacher training faculty with a rich variety of course selections that affords students the opportunity to approach their chosen subject from a variety of directions. The Faculty features four distinct programs. The Teacher Training Program cultivates the capacity for course design, the most important professional attribute for teachers. Trainees deepen their knowledge of their teaching topic while strengthening their skills in transmitting that knowledge to others. The Lifelong Learning Program, Integrated Sciences and Technology Education Program, and Arts and Culture Program provide training in the capacity for serving society through teaching activities that take place outside the standard academic environment. Participants may also obtain certification as junior high and high school teachers.

Teacher Training Program

The Program cultivates teachers with broad general education, rich humanity, and advanced knowledge and skills. Each year it sends numerous capable individuals equipped with practical instructional skills into the front lines of education.

Lifelong Learning Program

The Program offers two majors, Lifelong Sports and Education for International Understanding. Backed by accumulated educational and research results, the Program sends instructors equipped with practical skills into all corners of society.

Integrated Sciences and Technology Education Program

The Program offers two majors, Integrated Sciences and Consumer Science. It develops individuals adapted to a citizen-oriented society who are capable of serving society by accurately transmitting science-related information.

Arts and Culture Program

The Program offers three majors: Musical Culture, Arts and Design, and Written Culture. Creative capacity is cultivated in each area in order to give rise to a new generation of pioneers in a whole range of fields.

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