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Faculty of Engineering

About the Faculty of Engineering

University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia(マレーシア) × 静岡大学 下村・村上研究室 海外研究室交流プログラム(SSSV)成果報告会 - 静岡大学

About the Faculty of Engineering

The roots of the Faculty of Engineering date back to 1922 and the founding of Hamamatsu Technical High School. With the ideal of "Freedom and Enlightenment, Creation for the Future," the Faculty has trained numerous pioneering researchers and technologists. Hamamatsu City, where the campus is located, has a rich tradition of innovation and was a gathering place for technologists from throughout Japan during the Edo era. Today, the city retains a spirit of craftsmanship, with many enterprises possessing unique technologies and products. In tune with this environment, the Faculty of Engineering hosts a variety of enterprise-supported courses. Through such efforts as Creative Educational Training, in which students gain experience in robot construction from their first year, the Faculty conveys the pleasure of hands-on fabrication, and many go on to the Graduate School of Engineering's Doctoral Program.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

At their 3rd year, students choose their specialised area of study, from following 3 courses (i) Aerospace and Environmental Engineering, (ii) Intelligent Processing and Materials Engineering, and (iii) Opto-Electronics and Precision Engineering. The department produces mechanical engineers equipped with foreign language and presentation skills which are the required competencies for the new era.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

From their 2nd year, students learn specialist knowledge in the area of (i) Information Electronics or (ii) Energy and Electronic Control. The department aims to produce internatinonal engineers who have good basic skills, practical skills, and state-of-art technological skills to contribute to the further adnvancement of electronics industrial nation, Japan.

Department of Electronics and Materials Science

The course will be divided into (i) Electronics and Devices and (ii) Materials Science and Engineering, at the 2nd year of the programme. We aim to innovate new technologies which contributes to human life and industries. The department produces engineers who are equipped with the knowledge of materials and devices through learn-by-doing type of lessons and research.

Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering

In this course, students learn about technologies for inventing environment-conscious high-functional materials and development of environment-friendly biotechnologies. We aim to cultivate engineers through the research and education activities on creating products from biomaterials with new biotechnologies that combine chemical engineering with Bioengineering.

Department of Mathematical and Systems Engineering

This department cultivates system engineers who can design sustainable systems. We offer education programs on;
- Mathematical science methods, such as modeling, simulation, and optimization,
- Fundamentals of information science, such as programming and algorithms,
- Environmental science, such as risk analysis.

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