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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

About the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

「近世富沢村における土地利用と地域社会」社会学科歴史学コース日本史分野 人文社会科学部 学生研究成果発表会 2014年度 - 静岡大学

A large-scale comprehensive Faculty with exceptional academics

Stunning advances in science and technology have created tremendous potential for human progress. However, at the same time, humanity faces unprecedented problems and numerous challenges. The Faculty offers courses in the four areas of social sciences, language and culture, law, and economics, providing full coverage of most topics in the humanities and social sciences. Students may also study for master's degrees in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Shizuoka Law School (Professional Degree Program). The faculty maintains a staff of over 100 researchers carrying out work to meet today's real needs, with a steady focus on the challenges facing humanity. The Faculty's motto is "Discover living knowledge, learn from the local community," and it carries out active field work training and coordination activities with the local community.

Department of Social and Human Studies

The Department offers education in five areas: anthropology, sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, and cultural history. Students cultivate a broad perspective on modern society and a capacity for investigation, and will have many opportunities for interaction with the surrounding community.

Department of Language and Literature

The Department offers education in three areas: languages and cultures of Japan and Asia, languages and cultures of North America and Europe, and comparative linguistics and culture, with deep exploration in each specialty. Students may pursue their interests laterally through enrollment in courses offered by other departments.

Department of Law

Through broad study in the fields of law and politics, students will develop the capacity to analyze and address a wide range of modern social phenomena, progressively deepening their education during a unified, four-year course of study in small-class settings.

Department of Economics

The Department draws on a wide range of specialist research, with attention to both modern society and history in Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe, to explore economics. Students will participate in a stimulating, four-year unified seminar to cultivate their capacity for problem identification and solving.

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