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Faculty of Informatics

About the Faculty of Informatics

情報学部 ダイジェスト 夏季オープンキャンパス2014 - 静岡大学

Interdisciplinary research combining the humanities and engineering

Information and telecommunications technology is rapidly progressing, but this progress is creating new social problems. Interdisciplinary research is necessary to achieve harmony between information technology on the one hand and society and humanity on the other. This research should be combine existing information engineering with information social sciences and humanities. Shizuoka University's Faculty of Informatics was the first department at a national university combining humanities with engineering, and a master's degree program is also offered through the Graduate School of Informatics. To make the most of our students' diverse capabilities and interests, we offer three programs spanning two faculties. In 2004, Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology recognized the Faculty as a distinctive university educational program.

Department of Computer Science

Informatics approaches information from an engineering perspective. We will pursue advanced knowledge and technology through the application of specialized information technology in order to create harmony amongst individuals and in society.

Department of Behavior Informatics

Students at the Department of Behavior Informatics develop the skills to creatively design information services and to use data science to analyze big data and rich data. Furthermore, the department gives students the solid grounding they need to formulate corporate and other organizational business strategies and to plan, implement and build information services that are highly attuned to daily life.

Department of Socio-Information Studies

Information social science approaches information from a humanities perspective, using knowledge derived from the humanities to explicate the influence of advanced informatization on society. We will attempt to determine the best directions for the new information society.

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