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Faculty of Science

About the Faculty of Science

「減数分裂における染色体の動態制御機構」山本歩 教授 理学部化学科 - 静岡大学

A broad spectrum of scientific disciplines with stress on student curiosity

Practicing pure science requires a spirit of inquisitiveness and a motivation to solve the mysteries of natural phenomena, life and living organisms, matter, the cosmos, and the world of numbers. The curriculum is an organic synthesis of general and specialist education, designed to enable students to easily and systematically acquire specialized subjects over the course of their study. Students can proceed from the study of basic science, add knowledge from other fields and proceed to a specialty that fits their unique capabilities - ideal for students with abundant intellectual curiosity and a passion for solving mysteries. The university also offers a master's degree course in the Graduate School of Science, and has a Center for Radioscience Education and Research unique among universities in Japan.

Department of Mathematics

The Department cultivates the capacity for imagination and precise thinking along with mathematical ability and the ability to think logically. We develop educators who can bring new viewpoints and perspectives the today's mathematics education.

Department of Physics

Students will study physics and mathematical methods through a wide range of practical training centered on lectures in mathematics and basic science with the goal of becoming skilled, dedicated professionals in fields ranging from electronics and information to academia and teaching.

Department of Chemistry

The Department is home to specialists in a wide range of chemistry, including organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry, biochemistry, structural and physical chemistry, and chemical reaction dynamics. Students will develop direct knowledge through a curriculum that stresses experimentation.

Department of Biological Science

Students will study biological science from an integrated perspective centered on the principles of life, and the diversity and environmental adaptation of living organisms, using a systematic approach that ranges from DNA to collections of organisms. The Department cultivates students capable of combining a broad perspective with specialist expertise.

Department of Geoscience

Students will explore a wide variety of geoscience phenomena, including earthquakes, volcanism, magma, crustal movement, metamorphism, and plate movement, with many opportunities to get out and collect data and samples.

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