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Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

「近世富沢村における土地利用と地域社会」社会学科歴史学コース日本史分野 人文社会科学部 学生研究成果発表会 2014年度 - 静岡大学

Setting the standard for graduate schools nationally

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences is a new type of integrated humanities graduate school, established with the goal of cultivating advanced practitioners with both specialist and interdisciplinary expertise. In terms of scale, the School's programs set a national standard for universities. With a staff of 90 supporting scholarship and research in four principal departments, the School is producing advanced scholarly results across a wide range of areas.

Departments Clinical Human SciencesComparative Studies in Language and CultureEconomics

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  • The following additional information is available.
  • ・ Department of Clinical Human Science
  • ・ Department of Comparative Studies in Language and Culture
  • ・ Department of Economics

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