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Graduate School of Informatics

About the Graduate School of Informatics

情報学部 ダイジェスト 夏季オープンキャンパス2014 - 静岡大学

Cultivating specialist professionals

In response to the rapid and radical informatization of society, the School strives to meet the challenges facing Japan and international society from a perspective that combines computer science technology and information arts. The School promotes the advancement of informatics as an academic discipline, and cultivates the specialist professionals required by the advanced information-oriented society.

Departments Informatics

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  • The following additional information is available.
  • ・ Message from the Dean
  • ・ Graduate School objectives
  • ・ Informatics education
  • ・ Admissions policy
  • ・ Curriculum and classes
  • ・ Special refresher courses for working adults, and more

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