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Graduate School of Science and Technology

About the Graduate School of Science and Technology

2014年 共同研究希望テーマ説明会 永津教授 -ウイルスを短時間で検出可能に!!-

Creating science and technology to meet the needs of the region and international society

The Graduate School provides advanced education from a perspective that incorporates the unique features of the Shizuoka Prefecture region and its current needs. The School develops researchers and technical specialists with deep specialist knowledge, broad general education, and a strong international orientation, and offers five specialized master’s programs which are closely related to the master’s programs at other graduate schools of Shizuoka University – Informatics, Science, Engineering and Agriculture. Education and research are carried out under separate organizations, with each conducting their own highly original activities.

Departments Nanovision Technology
Optoelectronics and Nanostructure Science
Information Science and Technology
Environment and Energy Systems

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