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Research Institute of Electronics

About the Research Institute of Electronics


Research at the frontiers of light and imaging

The Research Institute of Electronics was established in 1965. It was the first such affiliated scientific research institute of its type to be established by a university under the postwar education system. To meet the need for advances in the field of next-generation electronic imaging, the Institute engages in research relating to optoelectronics through three divisions: the Nanovision Research Center, the Nanodevices and Nanomaterials Division, and the Interdisciplinary Science Division. The Institute also fulfills an educational as well as research function, and undergraduate thesis and graduate student research (master's and doctoral research) can be carried out at the Institute. In 2004, the Institute launched its Research and Education Center of Nanovision Science as part of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science's 21st Century COE Program, and is playing a central role in the development of the new nanotechnology-based imaging science.

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