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Vision and Mission

Freedom and Enlightenment & Creation of the Future -

A university with an active presence promoting high-quality education and creative research that collaborates and grows together with society.

The Vision of Shizuoka University: "Freedom and Enlightenment & Creation of the Future"

Our university started on the path to the present "Shizuoka University" after incorporating the former Shizuoka High School, Shizuoka Normal School and Shizuoka 2nd Normal School, Shizuoka Normal School for Youth and Hamamatsu College of Technology (formerly Hamamatsu School of Technology , in 1949) and absorbing Shizuoka Prefectural College of Agriculture (in 1951). At these former colleges and high school, educational policies that placed importance on the independence of students through "freedom, enlightenment and broadmindedness" were implemented. Among these, at Hamamatsu Technical Junior College, students were educated in the freest environment that took into full consideration their personalities, academic abilities, and capabilities, and respected their individuality. The educational program aimed to fully cultivate their natural endowments under a philosophy of "Freedom and Enlightenment".

Such a philosophy is essential not only in education, but also for original research based on unbinding free ideas and collaboration with a mutually enlightening society. Under this understanding, Shizuoka University will continue to pursue “Freedom and Enlightenment” in education, research, and social collaboration as our mainstay.

With a philosophy of "Freedom and Enlightenment", students and teaching staff proactively pursue education, study, and social collaboration, striving for the "Creation of the Future" - creating a future that is peaceful and abundant. As members of the local community, we respect the regional environment and culture, and respond to the expectations of society. Moreover, we will bravely stake serious challenges to global environmental issues, food issues, poverty, war, and the collapse of the traditional community and sense of values. Thus, all the people involved with Shizuoka University, noting first and foremost the students and teaching staff, share at large the philosophy of "Freedom and Enlightenment & Creation of the Future" and strive to create a peaceful and happy future while trusting in each other, studying, and respecting individual diversity.

Under the philosophy of "Freedom and Enlightenment & Creation of the Future", our university recognizes diverse backgrounds and values, forms well-rounded characters full of a noble sense of mission and spirit of inquiry, promotes the discovery, passing down and utilization of knowledge, and develops along with society in the name of peace, the well-being of mankind, and the future of the Earth.

Our Mission

Shizuoka University will cultivate learned individuals who are endowed with a sense of responsibility for the future of the Earth, an international outlook, a high level of specialized knowledge, the spirit to take on challenge without fear of failure, and a rich humanity.


Shizuoka University strives toward scholarship that can contribute at all levels to worldwide peace and the prosperity of humankind through the pursuit of academic research which is abounding with creativity.

Social Collaboration

Shizuoka University will contribute to society by working hand-in-hand with local communities, addressing earnestly the various problems which society faces, and functioning as a beacon tower for the promulgation of culture and science.

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