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SymposiumInternational Conference on Green Science and Technology 2021 (ICGST2021)


International Conference on Green Science and Technology 2021 (ICGST2021) will be held on September 21st and 22nd. It was hosted by Research Institute of Green Science and Technology (RIGST), Shizuoka University and National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) in India, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Indonesia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in Malaysia.

RIGST has promoted basic research and technological development related to green science and technology in order to solve today's global problems. We are focusing to resolve issues to achieve our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular, SDGs 2 (zero hunger), SDGs 3 (Good health and Well-Being), SDGs 7 (Affordable green energy and Green products and green process).

ICGST2021 will be a place for information exchange by reporting on the latest research and development status from each country in order to achieve the above three international goals.


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Dates Tuesday, September 21 2021 ~ Wednesday, September 22 2021
Time 13:00- (Japan standard time)
Entry fee Free
Detail [Delivery method] Zoom
[Language] English
[Sway HP]https://sway.office.com/5smNmWTposWA0QE8

We are expecting your participation!


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RIGST, Shizuoka University
Professor Nobuyuki Mase
Tel: 81-53-478-1196
Email: mase.nobuyuki[at]shizuoka.ac.jp
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