Handling of personal information

National University Corporation Shizuoka University believes that personal information constitutes an essential aspect relevant to the observance and protection of basic human rights.
Predicated on this concept, the University considers it its social responsibility to protect the personal information held of persons involved in activities at the University. To this end, all faculty and staff members of the University must observe the following provisions and protection measures.

1. Limitations on the scope of information collection

The collection of personal information must occur within the legitimate scope of social contribution activities of education and research, have clearly defined purposes, and be limited to the extent necessary for attaining those purposes.

2. Limitations on the usage of personal information

Unless approved by the individuals whose personal information is being held or required by laws and regulations, the usage of personal information is not permitted outside the purposes disclosed to and approved by the individuals concerned.

3. Limitation on the scope of personal information collection

Personal information collection must occur by appropriate and proper means. Where necessary, personal information collection must occur after its purpose of use etc. has been advised to the individuals concerned and their consent has been obtained.

4. Content accuracy

Personal information held must be consistent with the purpose of use and kept accurate, secure, and up-to-date.

5. Security

For personal information held and managed at the University, reasonable security measures must be implemented to prevent incidents such as data leakage, loss, or damage.

6. Duty of confidentiality

All employees of the University must understand the importance of personal information protection and work to maintain the confidentiality of personal information.

7. Participation of the individuals whose personal information is being held

With respect to personal information held by the University, the individuals concerned must be guaranteed the right to know the location and content, and to file their objection.

8. Legal compliance

Further to the above provisions, the University must abide by the laws and regulations of Japan concerning the protection of personal information.

9. Usage of personal information

Predicated on the observance of the foregoing, in order to enhance the services provided to Site visitors, the University will make active use of the personal information received in connection with the activities of the University.

10. Continuous improvement of control frameworks and schemes for the protection of personal information

Control frameworks and schemes for the protection of personal information at the University are the subject of continuous improvement.

Contact for questions and information concerning personal information

The following contact is available for questions and further information concerning the handling of personal information at the University.

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Note: Personal information means information about individuals that includes data such as a person’s name and date of birth and other information whereby a specific individual can be identified. This definition includes information that can easily be collated with other information and thereby enable identifying specific individuals.