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This website(https://www.shizuoka.ac.jp/) (in the following, the "Site") is the official site operated by the Public Relations Committee of Shizuoka University.
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For opinions and comments about this Site, please contact the Public Relations Committee of Shizuoka University: koho_all[at]adb.shizuoka.ac.jp ※Please change[at]into @.
For University-internal communication and inquiries, please contact the respective staff or faculty members concerned.


The unauthorized reproduction of the content of this Site is prohibited.
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Linking to this Site is permitted in principle. However, it should be noted that the Public Relations Committee of Shizuoka University will seek the removal of links from sites that are found inappropriate (e.g., links from sites that contravene public order and morals or present content detrimental to the interests of Shizuoka University).
Shizuoka University is not liable for any complications that arise from linking to the Site.
Shizuoka University is not liable for the content of external sites that link to the Site.
Site visitors are reminded that the content of the Site is subject to change without notice.

The pages to which this Site provides links are hosted by the servers of the faculties of Shizuoka University. For establishing links to any of those pages, the directives of the respective hosting organizations must be observed.

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