Shizuoka University Student Photo Competition 2024!


Shizuoka University holds the student photo competition aiming to widely promote the attractiveness of the university from our student's point of view.
Your entry is greatly welcomed, including photos of Shizudai students having fun or studying hard, wonderful moments, beautiful scenery, or any other photos that makes you feel, “Shizudai is great!”.

Shizuoka University Student Photo Competition 2024

2024/06/26(Wed) ~2024/09/12(Thu)

Outline ■Eligibility
Current Shizuoka University students

■Photos eligible for entry
Photos taken on campus, in related facilities, or during fieldwork
(e.g.) campus landscape, people or scenery taken at the university,activities or events
related to the university.

■Application Period
26th June to 12nd September, 2024

・The Grand Prize (1 person):15,000 yen worth of QUO card
・The President’s Prize (1 person):10,000 yen worth of QUO card
・The head of public relations strategy office’s Prize (1 person):5,000 yen worth of QUO card
・The Shizudai student PR Supporters’ Prize(1 person):3,000 yen worth of QUO card
・Shizuppi’s Prize(5 persons):1,000 yen worth of QUO card

■Winners’ announcement
The winners will be announced on Shizuoka University’s website on 31st October, 2024.
We’ll contact the winners via email.
(*The winner will be deemed to have waived the right to receive the prize, if we are unable
to contact via email.)
Also, we will post the winning entries to our Instagram (@shizuoka_university) with the
hashtag, #静大学生フォトコンテスト2024.
How to entry ■How to enter the competition
Please enter the required information in the application form (Forms) below and upload a photo to submit.

■Maximum number of entries
3 photos per person
Notices ※The permission for usage of portrait must be gotten from person in the photograph before submission.
※Please note that all submissions can be widely used on the university's website, in public relations publications, etc
※Photos must be taken within the last 3 years.
※Image size must be more than 1MB and the file format must be JPEG.
※Only previously unpublished photos taken by the applicant will be accepted.
※Do not post anything that defames individuals, companies, organizations, etc., invades privacy, or violates the copyrights or portrait rights of others.
※The applicant can post the entry photo on his/her own SNS account (e.g. Instagram) with


Public Relations Unit, Public Relations and Funding Section, Shizuoka University
*please change [at] to @.