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NewsSakura Science High School Program at Shizuoka University on April 19th, 2017


Opening remarks by President Kiyoshi Ishii

Welcome speech by Hamamatsu City Mayor Yasutomo Suzuki

Sakura Science High School Program at Shizuoka University on April 19th, 2017
As part of the Asia Bridge Program (ABP), Shizuoka University hosted 70 high school students from India, 30 high school students from Vietnam, and 20 Indian and Vietnamese school teachers on April 19th, 2017. This program was collaborated with and sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)’s Sakura Science High School Program.
In the morning, the group of students was warmly welcomed by Shizuoka University President Kiyoshi Ishii and Hamamatsu City Mayor Yasutomo Suzuki on the Hamamatsu Campus. Then, they met the Suzuki Motor Co. and learned about Suzuki’s strong manufacturing spirit.

High school students taking notes during the presentation on the Asia Bridge Program

Photo shoot with Mayor Yasutomo Suzuki (Hamamatsu City), President Kiyoshi Ishii, Prof. Yoshimasa Kawata, and Prof. Makoto Kondo (Shizuoka University)

The students also attended lectures on optical measurement technology by Prof. Yoshimasa Kawata, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and environmental engineering by Prof. Takayuki Saito, Director of Research of the Graduate School of Science and Technology. The interactive and academic lectures provided much inspiration to the high school students, and the students asked many questions afterwards.
Shizuoka University’s ABP students joined the high school students during the lunch and interacted with them about campus life at Shizuoka University and studying abroad in Japan. After lunch, the participants were divided into three groups, and each was invited to an industry tour offered by the Suzuki Motor Corporation, the Yamaha Motor Company, and the Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. At the Yamaha Motor Corporation, the global HR personnel greeted them, and two employees from India and Vietnam gave talks about their own experiences in studying abroad in Japan and working for a Japanese company.
After the industry tour, the high school students transferred to Tokyo by bullet train, spent the rest of the stay in Japan there, and returned India and Vietnam safely.
It is our sincerest hope that their day in Hamamatsu left good impressions and positive memories with those high school students, and one day, we will see them again as a bridge person between Shizuoka and their home countries.

"Participating high school students" "Group picture with Shizuoka University’s popular mascot “Shizuppi”"


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