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NewsRiga Technical University, Latvia: visit for signing of the MoU Extension


 On May 21, 2019, Dr. Igor Tipans, Deputy Rector for International Cooperation and Studies, Riga Technical University (RTU) visited Shizuoka University, with Ms. Anna Sedova, Department International Cooperation and Studies (in charge of Japan).
RTU is located in Riga, the capital of Latvia, and is the largest and oldest national technical university in Latvia. As 12% of about 15,000 students are foreign students, RTU is active in accepting foreign students and has implemented programs to encourage the acceptance of foreign students such as Erasmus and to promote innovation exchange. Shizuoka University concluded an agreement with RTU in 2009, and 8 SU students (informatics, humanities and social sciences, engineering, science, etc.) have studied there as exchange students; RTU also hosted the Inter Academia in 2010 and 2014, when many faculty members and students of Shizuoka visited RTU.
 Dr. Tipans and Ms. Sedova, during their limited schedule in Japan for the “European Higher Education Fair” (Tokyo, Osaka), visited Shizuoka and were welcome by President Ishii, Vice President Shirai (in charge of international strategy), Prof. Kondoh (Engineering), Prof. Matsuda (Organization for International Cooperation), and Mr. Fukai (Manager of International Affairs). After both universities reported the activities and the current situation of each, the agreement of the MoU extension was firmly signed and the expectations for development of exchanges in the future were mutually expressed.


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