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ImportantChange in the start date of classes for the Spring semester 2020


To all students

Ishii Kiyoshi
President, Shizuoka University

Change in the start date of classes for the Spring semester 2020

The spread of the new coronavirus infection continues, and on April 7, the government declared a state of emergency in seven prefectures in Japan. In light of these circumstances, Shizuoka University has decided to change the start date of classes from Thursday, April 23 to Thursday, April 30. The classes will be delivered remotely until May 10. (Please see below for details.)

1. Outline after the change in the class start date
(1) Home-based classes
From April 30 (Thu) to May 10 (Sun), all classes will be held remotely (no need to come to the university but attending the classes from home). The web-site explaining how to listen to and participate in the home-based classes in current situation has been set up.
URL: http://web.hedc.shizuoka.ac.jp/covid19-student/

(2) Face-to-face classes
From May 11 (Mon), face-to-face classes will be held if the situation allows. If it is difficult to conduct face-to-face classes, home-based classes will continue. (We will decide whether to start face-to-face classes after May 11 (Monday) or continue with home-based classes. (Information will be posted on the university's website by May 1 (Friday)). Please refer to the attached "2020 Timetable of Events" for the class schedule after the change.

(3) Course Registration
The closing date of register for regular(non-intensive) courses will be changed to April 26 (Sun) in order to ascertain the number of students registered for the course before the first class starts. (Please note that you will register for the course not after attending the first class, but after only reading the syllabus. For the registration period after the change, please refer to the attached "Registration period for the Spring semester 2020 and class implementation format".

※Home-based classes: On-demand learning classes on the basis of coursework and/or video viewing using the Academic Affairs System for students (no need to come to the university)
※Face-to-face classes: The classes held in classrooms on-campus (including off-campus activities)

2. Other announcements

(1) During the period from Thursday, April 30 to Sunday, May 10, home-based classes are scheduled, including viewing videos as well as doing and submitting learning assignments with the Academic Affairs System. We do not plan to provide live streaming videos for the classes at specific times, but we ask that you avoid to go out if it is not emergent or not essential, take measures against infectious diseases that you can take (such as washing your hands and coughing –manners), try to live a regular life, and study at home in a planned manner.

(2) In order to reduce the risk of contracting the new coronavirus infection, please avoid any unnecessary travel outside Shizuoka Prefecture during the holiday season (the Golden Week holidays).

Educational Planning Unit, Educational Affairs Section, Students Affairs Division
(For general inquiries, except for home-based learning/classes support)

Online Education Promotion Office
E-mail:zaitaku-student[at]adb.shizuoka.ac.jp   ※Please change [at] to @.
(For the support for home-based learning/classes)


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