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ImportantRegarding the Implementation of Classes for the Spring Semester of 2020


May 19, 2020
To whom it may concern:

Regarding the Implementation of Classes for the Spring Semester of 2020

As the state of emergency to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection has been lifted in most areas, including Shizuoka Prefecture, we would like to inform you of our policy for the implementation of classes for the spring semester of 2020.

<In terms of the start of face-to-face classes>
1.Until June 5 (Friday)/until the 6th classes of the courses, all courses will continue to be conducted only in home-based classes.

2.From June 8 (Monday)/ after the 7th classes of the courses, some face-to-face classes will begin where possible, provided that infection control measures are in place, such as avoiding dense, close, and closed spaces. For some classes, face-to-face classes will not be held during the spring semester, and home-based classes will continue. (At present, we plan to continue home-based classes for many courses, but we are considering the introduction of face-to-face classes, for example, in language, physical education, practical training courses.)

3.Education Development Center and each department will discuss the matter above, and by Friday, May 29, the following will be announced through the Academic Affairs System and other means. (We will notify you of any additions or changes to the courses afterwards.)
 ①Courses in that face-to-face classes will be conducted (including those combined with home-based classes)
②Courses in that only home-based classes will be conducted

「Notes on the implementation of face-to-face classes to prevent new coronavirus infections」

President of Shizuoka University

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