Notice about classes for the second semester of 2020


Dear Students
Notice about classes for the second semester of 2020

Based on the current status of COVID-19 infection, we would like to inform you about the policies on classes for the second semester of this year as follows.
The following policies will be reviewed as appropriate, depending on the future COVID-19 infection status.

1. Classes for the second semester of 2020
(1) On the premise that the "Shizuoka University Activity Guidelines for COVID-19" is Level 2 (or Level 1), our
  university will use face-to-face classes and home-based classes as appropriate.
(2) Face-to-face classes are available for courses that can be implemented, provided that infection control measures
  such as “Three Cs” are taken. However, depending on the courses, there will be no face-to-face classes in the
  later semesters and only home-based classes will be conducted.
(3) The Education Development Center and the faculties will discuss this matter, and on September 25 (Friday), we will
  announce the name of the courses (including the name of the classroom, the form of the course, and the
  number of times that the classes will be held) in which the face-to-face classes (including cases where they are
  combined with a home-based classes) will be held, through the Student Affairs System and other means.
  (If there are subsequent additions or changes to the face-to-face classes, you will be notified accordingly.)
(Reference) Notes on face-to-face class implementation for COVID-19

2. As for absence from face-to-face classes in the second Semester
(1) When a student has a cold or other symptoms, the student will be suspended from school in accordance with the
  "COVID-19 suspension policy" and will not be treated as absent. However, in consideration of the risk of infection,
  students who are not affected by this measure but who have requested an absence from face-to-face classes
  will not be treated as absent, same as the first semester. (However, this does not exempt the students from
  submitting assignments and reports, etc.)
(2) Grading (credit approval) for students who fall under the case (1) above will be based on methods that the
  students can use without attending university, such as submitting reports and taking quizzes.

Tanzawa Tetsuro
Trustee(Educational and Affiliated Schools Affairs)


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