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NewsThe Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Japan visited Shizuoka University


 The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Japan visited Shizuoka campus of Shizuoka University, on Friday, October 23rd, 2020.
 This visit to Shizuoka University, along with the visits to Hamamatsu City and Shizuoka Prefecture, was originally scheduled with Mr. Tri Purnajaya, Chargé d'Affaires ad interim, for encouraging exchanges at University. However, in response to a sudden request for a business trip to his home country because of Japanese Prime Minister Suga's visit, a delegation represented by Counselor Meinarti Fauzie (Media and Sociocultural Affairs) visited to meet with President Kiyoshi Ishii and others.
 President Ishii emphasized that, "The international students from ASEAN are increasing due to the acceptance of students through the “Asia Bridge Program”(※), and we would like to actively accept more students from Indonesia." Ms. Meinarti Fauzie requested a further active acceptance of Indonesian students, especially in the fields of science and engineering, as well as human resource development. Prof. Noriko Matsuda (Organization for International Collaboration) introduced the achievements of exchanges with Indonesian Universities and the network with former students (Alumni Association); Assoc. Prof. Motoki Fujii, Special Advisor to President (International Exchange) proposed strengthening cooperation on issues common to the two countries such as disaster prevention, teacher training, etc., in which, Dr. Yusli Wardiatno, Educational and Cultural Attaché, showed interest, and a new student dispatch system with a government scholarship was introduced. In the future, discussions will continue centered on this system.
 Adding to the meeting with the President, the delegation of the Embassy visited, with the guidance by Dr. Egi Tritya Apdila (Research Associate, Faculty of Science), the laboratory of Assoc. Prof. Koichiro Awai (Faculty of Science), accepting Indonesian students for several years through active communication with Indonesian Universities. The delegation also met Indonesian students (Undergraduate and Graduate) discussing their experience in Shizuoka.

Photo1:Counselor Meinarti Fauzie (from left side seated second); President Kiyoshi Ishii(from left side seated third).
Photo2:Meeting with President
Photo3:Interaction with Indonesian Students


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