About inoculation of COVID-19 vaccine at Shizuoka University (University base inoculation)


Shizuoka University plans the following COVID-19 vaccinations in order to contribute to the prevention of the spread of infections among students, faculty and staffs, as well as to reduce the burden on the region and accelerate the vaccination of the entire population.

[Targets] Students, faculty and staffs of Shizuoka University who wish to be vaccinated

[Inoculation venue] Shizuoka University Shizuoka Campus and Hamamatsu Campus

This vaccination is for those who wish. We will not require vaccinations for our members, force vaccinations under ambient pressure, or disadvantage those who do not.

We will strive to make Shizuoka University where you can work safely and securely as soon as possible.
Details (schedules and so on) will be announced on campus after we decided.

* We are considering inoculating students from neighboring universities and educational staffs in the neighborhood.