About the COVID-19 Vaccinations (Booster shots) at Shizuoka University


Shizuoka University plans to implement the COVID-19 vaccination in order to contribute to the prevention of the spread of infections among students, faculty members and staff, as well as to reduce the burden on the region and accelerate the vaccination of the entire population.

◆ Outline of vaccination (Booster shots)
This vaccination is for those who wish. We will not oblige our members to vaccinate, force them to vaccinate due to ambient pressure, nor disadvantage those who do not vaccinate. Consider vaccination with the correct knowledge of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition, those who wish to receive vaccination may use either the university-based vaccination conducted at Shizuoka University or the general vaccination conducted by the local government, etc., but please be sure to cancel another reservation if you receive vaccination.

1.How to make a reservation
Reservations can be made via the Internet(PC,smartphone).
※For details on how to make a reservation, please download Vaccination Appointment Manual from the following URL and check it.

2.Reservation period
April 8th(Friday),9:00 - April 15th(Friday),17:00
April 25th(Monday),9:00 - May 6th(Friday),17:00
※Those who were not able to make reservations by April 15 may still do so.
※Reservations can only be made from June 3 to 7.

3.Inoculation period
May 13th(Friday) – May 19th(Thursday) (Including weekends)
[Shizuoka Campus] 10:00-12:00 13:00-17:00
[Hamamatsu Campus] 13:00-17:00
June 3rd(Friday) – June 7th(Tuesday) (Including weekends)
[Shizuoka Campus] 13:00-16:00
[Hamamatsu Campus] 13:00-16:00

4.Inoculation venue
[Shizuoka Campus] University Hall 3F Hall
[Hamamatsu Campus] S-Port 3F Large Conference Room

5.Target person
① Students enrolled in Shizuoka University (including students taking courses, etc.)
② Officers, faculty members and staff affiliated with Shizuoka University (including faculty members and staff, part-time staff, part-time lecturer affiliated with the Affiliated Schools)
③ Persons who perform daily work at Shizuoka University (university co-op staff, dispatched staff, etc.)
④ Students, faculty and staff of neighboring universities
(The reservation period and inoculation period will be announced separately.)
※Those who have been vaccinated 7 months after the second vaccination are eligible.

Takeda / Moderna vaccine distributed by the government

COVID-19 Vaccines(Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet Website)
COVID-19 Vaccines(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Website)