Shizuoka University activity guidelines for the new coronavirus infection 2022.07.13


To all Shizuoka University students and faculty members.

Shizuoka University is currently responding at Level 1 in the guidelines and upper to Level 2 on July 13, 2022.
Please ensure that basic infection prevention measures are taken.

The level 2 activity guidelines are as follows.

(1) Class
・ Take infections control measures and offer face to face classes
・ At-home classes

(2) Faculty and research activities
・ Take infections control measures and continue the research activities.
・ Take infections control measures and group activities such as seminar are possible.

(3) administrative/technical staff
・Take infections control measures and continue to work as usual.
・Those who use public transportation or unable to avoid "3Cs" in the working environment can work from home.

(4) Meetings, etc.
・Take infection control measures and hold face to face meeting.
・To use email meetings and online meetings as much as possible.

(5) Student entrance in the campus
・Take infection control measures and students can come to school for classes, research and extracurricular activities.

(6) Extracurricular activities
・Take infection control measures and all extracurricular activities are possible only for the minimun required time.

Please take actions to prevent infection not only in the campus but also in your daily life.
Thank you for your cooperation.

July 13, 2022
President, Shizuoka University
Kazuyuki Hizume