Evaluation Scheme and GPA

Evaluation Scheme

Explanation of Grade

Grades are as shown below. A passing grade will receive credit.

S (Superior)
A (Excellent)
B (Good)
C (Fair)
These are the four levels of passing grades.
D (Fail) This indicated a failing grade.
E (Re-examination) This indicated a failing grade, but the student is eligible to take a make-up examination.
X (Other) This indicates that the grade is pending due to a reason such as papers not being submitted.
Accredited This is used when accrediting classes taken at other universities.
P (Pass)
F (Fail)
These are used in some subjects that are judged only by passing or failing.

Grading by Score and Letter

Grades will be evaluated by scores or by letter grade. The result given by a class score is converted into a grade using the table below. Likewise, a letter grade can be converted into a standard score.

Grade Letter Score Range Standard Score GP Range
S 90.0~100.0 95 3.50~4.50
A 80.0~89.9 85 2.50~3.49
B 70.0~79.9 75 1.50~2.49
C 60.0~69.9 65 0.50~1.49
D 0~59.9 30 0.00

Grade and Achievement

The grade evaluation criteria corresponding to "achievement of class goals" are shown below.

S exceeds class goals and reaches an outstanding level
A reaches a level that exceeds class goals
B reaches the level of class goals
C / P reaches the minimum requirements of class goals
D / F does not reach the minimum level of class goals


How GPA is Used

A GPA (Grade Point Average) represents the average value of a student's class grades during their period of enrollment. This is calculated by the weighted average of the GP (Grade Point) for each course according to the number of credits.
A GPA is used in various places, including the expansion of the maximum number of credits that can be taken in each term and the grade standard value for tuition exemption.

How GPA is Calculated

At Shizuoka University, GP and GPA are calculated using the following formula.

  • ・ GP = (Score - 55) ÷ 10
    (If the score is less than 60 points, GP = 0.0. 100 points scale.)
  • ・ GPA = Σ (GP × Number of Credits) ÷ Total Number of Credits Registered

-- GPs are displayed up to the second decimal place, and the GPA is displayed up to the third decimal place on transcripts.
Fractions are truncated on the display, but the GP value before truncation is used when calculating the GPA.

Courses Excluded from GPA Calculation

Courses that are not included in the graduation requirement curriculum, special evaluations such as "E", "X", "Accredited", "P", and "F" are excluded from the GPA calculation.

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