Other Facilities

Shizuoka University offers the use of the following athletic and public-welfare facilities and lecture rooms in the Common Educational Buildings for the use of students and faculty and members of the public for various functions.
When using the university's facilities, strict adherence to the rules and policies for use is requested.
External visitors using the facilities must pay a usage and utilities fee.

Sanaru Hall (on the Hamamatsu Campus)

Sanaru Hall was completed in September 1957 by the Hamamatsu Campus Alumni Association. The hall includes a 150-seat conference room, a hall, and lodging facilities (4 singles, 1 twin). Persons wishing to use the facilities should contact the General Affairs Unit, Faculty of Engineering.

General Affairs Unit, Faculty of Engineering TEL : 053-478-1004

Amagi Field Seminar House (Yugashima, Izu City) suspension of use

Amagi Field Seminar House, designed to host field training and seminar training camps, is located in Amagi Yugashima Town in the center of the Izu Peninsula. The surrounding area features a number of natural attractions, including Joren Falls, the Showa Natural Recreation Forest, and Amagi Pass. The two-storey structure can provide overnight accommodation for approximately 40 people. The first floor includes a seminar room and shower facilities, and the second floor has lodging rooms. The facility offers spectacular views, and visitors can fully enjoy the natural setting of Amagi. If you wish to use the facilities, please contact the General Affairs Unit, Faculty of Science.

General Affairs Unit, Faculty of Science TEL : 054-238-4715


2857-34 Aza Hachikubo, Yugashima, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture


Take the Izu Hakone Railway from JR Mishima Station, get off at Shuzenji Station, and board a Shimoda-bound bus. The Seminar House is a 10-minute walk from Yugashima Nittaue bus stop.

Asagiri Facilities (Fujinomiya City)

The use of the Asagiri facility has been suspended.

Student Affairs Section,Extracurricular Activities TEL : 054-238-4214