University Management Organizational Chart

University Organization

  • Management Auditing Office


Administration Bureau

General Affairs Division
  • General Affairs Section
  • Personnel Section
  • Personnel Affairs Section
  • Public Relations and Funding Section
Planning Division
  • Planning Section
  • Information Planning Section
Financial and Facilities Affairs Division
  • Finance Planning Section
  • Purchasing Section
  • Financial Affairs Section
  • Facilities Section
Student Affairs Division
  • Educational Affairs Section
  • Admissions Section
  • Student Affairs Section
  • International Affairs Section
  • Regional Cooperation Section
  • Career Support Office
Academic Affairs and Information Division
  • Library Service Section
  • University-Industry Cooperation Support Section
  • International Affairs Section

Hamamatsu Campus

Hamamatsu Campus Administrative Office
  • Hamamatsu General Affairs Section
  • Hamamatsu Educational Affairs Section
  • Hamamatsu Student Support Section
  • Hamamatsu Career Support Office


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Department of Social and Human Studies
  • Department of Language and Literature
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Economics
  • Administrative Office

Faculty of Education

  • Training Course for School Teachers
  • Center for Educational Research and Teacher Development
Affiliated Schools
  • Kindergarten
  • Shizuoka Elementary School
  • Shizuoka Junior High School
  • Hamamatsu Elementary School
  • Hamamatsu Junior High School
  • Shimada Junior High School
  • School for Students with Special needs
Administrative Office
  • Adminisitrative office of Affiliated Schools

Faculty of Informatics

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Behavior Informatics
  • Department of Socio-Information Studies

Faculty of Science

  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Biological Science
  • Department of Geosciences
  • Center for Radioscience Education and Research
  • Administrative Office

Faculty of Engineering

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Electronics and Materials Science
  • Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering
  • Department of Mathematical and Systems Engineering
  • Center for Creative Engineers

Faculty of Agriculture

  • Department of Bioresource Sciences
  • Department of Applied Life Sciences
  • Administrative Office
Center for Education and Research in Field Sciences
  • Section of Sustainable Agriculture
    - Fujieda Field
  • Section of Forest Ecology
    - Tenryu Field
    - South-Alps Field
  • Section of Sea and Seacoast Ecology
    - Mochimune Field

Faculty of Global Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation

  • Department of Global Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation

School of Regional Development (University-wide Undergraduate Education Program)

Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences(Master's Courses)

  • Department of Clinical Human Sciences
  • Department of Comparative Studies in Language and Culture
  • Department of Economics

Graduate School of Education
(Doctor's Course)
(Professional Degree Course)

  • Cooperative Doctoral Course in Subject Development
  • Division of Advanced Practice in School Education

Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology
(Master's Courses)

Department of Informatics
  • Informatics Course
Department of Science
  • Mathematics Course
  • Physics Course
  • Chemistry Course
  • Biological Science Course
  • Geosciences Course
Department of Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Course
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course
  • Electronics and Materials Science Course
  • Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering Course
  • Mathematical and Systems Engineering Course<
  • Management of Business Development Course
Department of Agriculture
  • Bioresource Sciences Course
  • Applied Life Sciences Course

Interfaculty Graduate School of Mountain Watershed
(Master's Courses)

Graduate School of Medical Photonics

  • Cooperative Major in Medical Photonics

Graduate School of Science and Technology

raduate School of Science and Technology, Educational Division
(Doctor's Course)
  • Department of Nanovision Technology
  • Department of Optoelectronics and Nanostructure Science
  • Department of Information Science and Technology
  • Department of Environment and Energy Systems
  • Department of Bioscience
Graduate School of Science and Technology, Research Division
  • Research Section of Nanovision Science Section
  • Research Section of Optoelectronic Science Section
  • Research Section of Informatics Section
  • Research Section of Nanomaterials Section
  • Research Section of Energy System Section
  • Research Section of Integrated Bioscience Section
  • Research Section of Environmental Science Section
  • Research Section of Basic Science Section

Doctoral Course in the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science,
Gifu University
(Doctor's Course)

  • Department of Science of Biological Production
  • Department of Science of Biological Environment
  • Department of Science of Biological Resources

Research Institute

Research Institute of Electronics

  • Nanovision Research Division
  • Advanced Device Research Division
  • Nanomaterials Research Division
  • Biomedical Photonics Research Division
  • Center for Nanodevice Fabrication and Analysis

Research Institute of Green Science and Technology

  • Research Core
  • Instrumental Research Support Office

Institute for Joint Research and Education

  • Education Development Center
  • Student Support Center
  • Center for Research and Development in Admissions
  • Center for Information Infrastructure
  • Center for Integrated Research and Education of Natural Hazards
  • Hamamatsu Center for Instrumental Analysis
  • Shizuoka Center for Instrumental Analysis
  • Headquarters for Creation of the Future
  • Management Office for Research Facilities
  • Center for professional Development of Teachers
  • Education Center for Regional Development
  • Center for Promotion of Sustainability

Joint Research Facilities

  • Psychological Service Center
  • Campus Museum
  • Takayanagi Memorial Hall


  • Center for Safety and Hygiene
  • Gender Equality Office
  • University Library
  • Hamamatsu Branch Library
  • Health Care Center
    - Health Care Center Shizuoka
    - Health Care Center Hamamatsu
  • Organization for Innovation and Social Collaboration
  • Organization for Information Infrastructure
  • Organization for Educational Development
  • Organization for International Collaboration
  • Organization for Designing Future Society